Blauberg Benelux


Fan with air capacity up to 97 m³/h.


Cabrio Base 100


The fan is controlled manually with a room light switch (not included in the delivery
Due to the high ingress protection rating IP44 the fan is the ideal bathroom
ventilation solution. The electronic components are protected with tight covers.
The shortened spigot enables to install the fan in a the ventilation shaft or to
connect to a Ø 100 mm air duct.
The ventilation unit is easily removed from the casing for cleaning.
Due to the modern design the fan can seamlessly blend with any interior design.
Low energy demand not exceeding 9 W due to a new energy-efficient motor
The casing and the impeller are made of high-quality, durable, UV resistant ABS
Specially designed impeller aerodynamic profile provides high air flow and low-
noise operation.
The motor is mounted on special anti-vibration dampers for absorption of vibration
and low-noise operation. The motor is equipped with over heating
Maintenance-free bearings contain enough lubricant for 40 000 hrs of non-stop
operation of the motor.
The fan is equipped with a special mechanism for smooth opening and closing of
the front panel
The fan extract spigot incorporates specially designed air rectifiers to reduce air
turbulence and noise level.
Model Cabrio Base 100
Option T H
Interval timer
Turn-on delay timer
Turn-off delay timer
Humidity sensor







Interval timer

  • If the interval timer is enabled, the fan will turn on automaticallyeach 6, 12 of 24 hrs, and it will operate from 2 to 30 min, depending ofturn-off delay timer setting.

Turn-on delay timer

  • Fixed turn-on delay time of 60 sec.

Turn-off delay timer

  • Turn-off delay timer adjustable from 2 to 30 min.

Humidity sensor

  • Humidity setpoint adjustable from 60 % up to 90 %.
Cabrio Base – data sheet (pdf 670.29Kb) – SHOWDOWNLOAD
Cabrio Base – user’s manual (pdf 1.63Mb) – SHOWDOWNLOAD