Blauberg Benelux


Inline centrifugal fans. Maximum air flow up to 1700 m³/h.


Centro 100L, Centro 100, Centro 125L, Centro 125, Centro 150, Centro 200,
Centro 200 max, Centro 250 L, Centro 250, Centro 315, Centro 315 max, Centro 100 V2,
Centro 125 V2, Centro 150 V2, Centro 200 V2, Centro 250 V2, Centro 315 V2,

Supply and extract ventilation systems installed in various premises.Mounting in kitchens, bathrooms and other humid premises.Compatible with Ø 100 up to 315 mm round air ducts.
High-quality durable plastic casing.Aerodynamically shaped casing.Airtight mounting box.Centro 150 is compatible with 150 and 160 mm air ducts.
Single-phase external rotor motor with a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades.Equipped with ball bearings for longer service life.Integrated thermal protection with automatic restart.Dynamically balanced impeller.Some standard sizes have high-powered motors (Centro max).For ventilation of premises with high requirements to noise level low-noise modifications are available (Centro L).Centro V2 is equipped with the two-speed asynchronous motor with external rotor and centrifugal dynamically balanced impeller with backward curved blades. max: high-powered motor.L: low-powered and low-noise motor.FR1: smooth speed controller adjustable from 0 to 100 % and power cable with mains plug.

G1 speed controller, temperature controller with external temperature sensor (cable length 4 m), power cable with mains plug.

GI1: speed controller, temperature controller with integrated temperature sensor and power cable with mains plug.The G and GI modifications enable automatic speed control depending on indoor temperature. The optimal ventilation solution for premises requiring permanent temperature control as greenhouses, orangeries, etc.V: built-in speed switch (for two-speed models).W1 power cable with mains plug.

Smooth speed control with a built-in electronic speed controller (option FR1).Smooth speed control with an external thyristor controller or step speed control with an external auto transformer (both available upon separate order).Centro V2 series: two-speed control with the external CDP-2/5 or CDP-2/10 speed switch (available upon separate order).
Due to compact design the fan is the ideal solution for mounting in limited spaces.Any mounting position.Wall or ceiling mounting with fixing brackets supplied as a standard or with a wire frame Halter Centro (available upon separate order).Flexible air ducts are fixed on the fan spigots with clamps.

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