Blauberg Benelux


Sound-insulated inline centrifugal fans. Maximum air capacity up to 7145 m³/h.


Iso-RB EC 100, Iso-RB EC 125, Iso-RB EC 150, Iso-RB EC 160, Iso-RB EC 200
Iso-RB EC 250, Iso-RB EC315, Iso-RB EC 355, Iso-RB EC 400, Iso-RB EC 450
Iso-RB EC 500

Supply and exhaust ventilation systems in premises with high requirements to the noise level and with limited space for mounting.Possibility of space-restricted installation above suspended ceilings.Mounting into Ø 100–500 mm air ducts.
The fan casing is made of aluzinc.For easy installation and operation, the top cover of the fan is secured with a special lock.Heat- and sound insulation is made of non-combustible 50 mm mineral wool layer. To ensure better noise absorption, the inner surface of the insulation is made of a perforated metal sheet.The round connecting spigots are rubber sealed.
The units feature efficient electronically commutated (EC) direct current motors with external rotor and centrifugal impellers with backward curved blades.EC motor is free of friction and wear parts such as a commutator and brushes. These components are replaced by a maintenance-free electronic circuit board.EC motors are characterised with high performance and optimum control across the entire speed range. The efficiency of the electronically commutated motor reaches very impressive levels of up to 90 %.
The fan is controlled with the external control signal 0-10 V (capacity control is performed depending on temperature, pressure, smoke level etc.).The fan has low energy consumption at any speed. Maximum fan speed does not depend on the available current frequency and is suitable for operation both at 50 and 60 Hz.Several fans can be integrated into a single computer-driven control system. Custom designed software provides high accuracy control of the fans integrated into a network. The computer display shows all the system parameters and the operation mode can be set individually for each fan in the network.
The round inline fans are designed for connection to round air ducts. The fans are installed at an air duct junction.The use of flexible connectors requires fixation of the fan on the building structure by means of supports, mounts or fixing brackets.The fan can be fixed in any position with respect to the air flow direction indicated by the arrow on the fan casing. While mounting the fan provide enough access for servicing and repair operations.
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